We remain faithful to our company philosophy, which aims at offering each of our clients tailored solutions in electrical engineering applications, we offer excellent support and communication during the design, construction and maintenance of technical works, such as:

  • Renewable Energy Source Projects.
  • Industrial Projects.
  • Construction Projects.
  • ΚΝΧ electrical installations.

With our modern construction equipment, specialised machinery, cutting edge control and calibration instruments, excellently trained permanent staff, and extensive know-how and experience,

we are in a position to implement high quality and smoothly operating electrical engineering installations in large scale projects throughout Greece, while all our facilities are harmonised with current national and European standards.

Even in the renewable energy source sector, specifically in photovoltaic projects, dienergia has successfully interconnected photovoltaic power stations with a total output of more than 160 MWp in Greece and abroad, having installed the first photovoltaic power station in Greece, with a maximum operating voltage of 1500V DC.

Lastly, our experience in managing photovoltaic projects allows us to provide preventive maintenance services, technical support, and remote monitoring of the photovoltaic power stations.

Our company in numbers

Years of experience
160 MW
Installed power
Completed projects
Tons of  CO2

Our projects

dienergia is your trusted partner, implementing and supporting your investment from the very first steps until completion, for life.