Photovoltaic Installations

In the photovoltaic sector dienergia specialises in the construction of the entire power range of photovoltaic power stations. It has successfully constructed more than 160MWp in Greece and abroad, as it has installed the first photovoltaic power station with a maximum operating voltage of 1500V in Greece.

Specifically, in large scale pv projects > 1MWp, dienergia undertakes the whole construction of the project having received from the investor the main equipment such as (support bases, photovoltaic frames, inverters ).

In small scale pv projects < 1MWp, dienergia undertakes the design, procurement  of equipment, and the complete construction of the photovoltaic power station on behalf of the client, delivering a turnkey project.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Design of photovoltaic power stations < 1 MWp.
  • Procurement of the necessary equipment < 1MWp (support bases, photovoltaic frames, inverters, substations).
  • Civil engineer services regardless of output (fencing off, earthworks, concreting works).
  • Engineering works regardless of output (placing photovoltaic frame support base posts, assembling support bases, placing photovoltaic frames).
  • Electrical works regardless of output (installation of ac/dc circuits, low voltage, medium voltage, supplying wiring, AC/DC electrical boards).
  •  Electrical measurement characteristics nof transformers, medium and low voltage cables, the station’s earth resistance ,the rack equipotential continuity, the PV panels, the ac/dc boards , regardless of output, ( Riso, VLF, Re, Continuity,Polarity, IV Curve, IR thermography)
  • Design, supply and installation of security systems and CCTV, regardless of voltage.
  • Implementation of specialised electrical measurements regardless of voltage (Riso, I-V Curve, VLF, medium voltage quality reading measurements).
  • Activation of photovoltaic power stations, regardless of voltage.
  • Photovoltaic power station preventive maintenance and technical support packages.
  • Two-year performance guarantee.


The production of electricity through the combustion of biogas is an environmentally sound, sustainable solution for the management of organic waste, with multiple benefits. Dienergia, a pioneer in developing and constructing projects concerning renewable energy sources, has been active in recent years in the electrical installation and maintenance of biogas production units. The biogas unit is a complex installation and its arrangement depends on various factors, such as the type and quantity of material provided. Furthermore, each facility may apply different technologies in order to improve, store, and use biogas, depending on the type of installation, its size, and its operation.
Dienergia has the necessary specialised staff and specially trained engineers and technicians so as to be in a position to successfully deal with the most complex projects. Our long-standing partnerships with the most reliable technological equipment suppliers ensures high quality construction and the best operation of the unit.

Specifically, the services offered are the following:

  • Planning the biogas electricity installation with guaranteed technical equipment
  • Station quality construction
  • Training staff for sound station operation
  • Specialised installation maintenance throughout Greece